Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Engaged?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Singer-songwriter recently started re-recording her old songs and in the new lyrics of Love Story ,it says “it’s a love story ,baby just SAID yes” .

From ‘Say’ to ‘Said’. And fans think she might actually be engaged to to British Heartthrob.

One wrote: “I have a Taylor Swift conspiracy that she and Joe are already married or engaged and that is why Love Story is the first re-recorded song released.”

“If Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are already engaged then I’m very happy!! Aaaaaagghhhhhhh something I’ve been waiting for. Haha.”

“Taylor Swift is apparently engaged.. I’m such a fan.”

“What if for @taylorswift13 31st birthday(31~13)she releases some or all of the re-recordings. Or like she announces that she’s engaged or both. We have to know that something is going to happen……..or she will do absolutely nothing and have us freak out for weeks.” -another wrote.

Swift have been dating Alwyn for four years now and they have been really private about their relationship which seem yo be working for them .

This is Taylor’s longest relationship since she hit the spotlight (or maybe ever).

If they are really engaged,congratulations in advance.

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