Taylor Swift spotted out since split from Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift spotted since split from Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift was spotted on a night out with friends and colleagues like Jack Antonoff and actress Margart Qualley at Via Carota, an Italian restaurant.

The 33-year old wore a black top and high-waist jeans with  an embellished butterfly cutout for dinner.

Taylor Swift spotted since split from Joe Alwyn She took a break from her tour to catch up with friends . According to reports on her split with Alwyn,some sources say he didn’t like the limelight while others say he couldn’t handle Taylor success since his acting career is not also where it should be.

Well ,I don’t believe any of that. If he could not handle her success ,the relationship would have ended years ago.  If he was also intimidated by her success,he would not have participated in writing 10 songs off her three albums (Folklore,Evermore and Midnights).

They just probably realized they want different things and that is okay .

Some also said the split was not “dramatic”;”Taylor didn’t see them working out in the long run,”.

“They are friendly. She doesn’t have anything bad to say about Joe,” added the insider. “They just grew apart. Taylor is staying very focused on her tour right now.”

Despite the breakup, the source added, “There is a lot of respect still between them.”

Glad to hear that. Taylor is focused on her sold out Era Tour.

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