Taylor Swift performs in the rain

Taylor Swift performs in the rainDuring a live show in Foxborough on Saturday night, Taylor Swift performed to 70,000 people in the rain and we are not talking about a rain.

Taylor was drenched but energetic at the at stage Gillette Stadium, asking her audience if they were up for one more song before launching into “Karma”, a single from her latest album Midnights.

One fan wrote on TikTok; “I could have stayed for 1,000 more songs,”

“How is she not FREEZING?” one fan asked in the comments section, while another remarked: “She looks so happy, having such a good time.”

Though it’s very brave of her and professional since “the show must go on”, I am wondering if it was safe. What if there was lightning and a massive thunderstrike? She would have put herself and her fans in danger.

Well, glad no one was hurt but please even though we are enjoying the show on don’t want it to end come rain,come shine we should ensure that safety is guaranteed.

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