Kim Kardashian : Hollywood video game is among the top five mobile game apps,set to make $200million next summer

Kim Kardashian : Hollywood video game is among the top five mobile game apps,set to make $200million next summer
It’s like whaever this woman touches turns to gold. Wow! According to latimes;

The game, based on the life of Kim Kardashian West, has turned into a surprise summer hit, stirring buzz in Hollywood and raising expectations about possible payoffs from injecting stars, blockbusters and hit series into video games, particularly those developed for smartphones and tablets.Launched less than two months ago, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is already among the top five moneymakers in the iPhone app store and top 10 in the Google Play store, according to tracking firm AppAnnie. It’s on pace to gross $200 million by next summer, according to one estimate, which would place it among the top mobile game apps.Underscoring the shift, market research firm IDC estimates U.S. spending on video games could rise to $30 billion by 2020, matching the flat-lining spending on movies.Top Hollywood-based games “The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth” and “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” have each made more than $100 million in a year. The top-grossing overall mobile game, “Candy Crush Saga,” booked nearly $1.5 billion in sales in 2013 and is on pace to exceed that this year.

And people keep asking what the hell this woman does to get this much attention? She obviously knows what she’s doing.Y’all could learn a thing or two. She may not be the smartest or the most creative but she’s definitely a good business woman.

“Kardashian” is the first breakout app based on an individual, though apps inspired by public figures including Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and singer Jennifer Lopez saw limited success when smartphone ownership wasn’t as widespread.Smartphones and tablets have made it as simple as a tap on a screen for anyone to become a “gamer.” There are no bulky consoles, confusing controllers or upfront costs to purchase a game.That may be one reason why “Kardashian” and mobile app games are gaining popularity: Ease of use is drawing new people to gaming, including women. Mobile analytics and advertising firm Flurry recently found that women spent 35% more time than men in mobile games and made 31% more in-app purchases.“Kardashian” evolved from a game app franchise called “Stardom,” which had been generating consistent revenue for San Francisco-based Glu. But it wasn’t soaring. De Masi sought out Kardashian to add cachet, and now they chat via email daily about how to improve and update the game. Analysts expect Glu to capitalize on its success with sequels that feature more of the large Kardashian clan.For stars, apps allow them to make money off their online followers without the hassle of negotiating Twitter or Facebook endorsement deals. The money can be significant, said Cowen & Co. analyst Doug Creutz. He estimated that Kardashian, 33, receives 50% of her game’s profit, meaning the app could pay her more than the $28 million a year that Forbes estimates she earns from other sources

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