Game of Thrones, Jon Snow might have his own series?

Kit Harington

Well according to reports, it seems we may have that ending we have always wanted for Jon Snow -played b Kit Harington.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the sequel will be set after the events of Game of Thrones. “Jon Snow, a heroic outcast who discovered he was a potential heir to the Iron Throne, was last seen exiled and joining the remaining Free Folk to resettle the free lands north of the Wall.”

“Aside from House of the Dragon, set 200 years earlier and due to premiere on Aug. 21, HBO is said to be developing three more live-action prequel series set in Westeros: The Sea Snake, about the great seafarer Corlys Velaryon, who appears in House of the Dragon; Ten Thousand Ships, set 1,000 years earlier and telling the story of Princess Nymeria, who founded Dorne; and a series set just 90 years before Game of Thrones, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas.”

Hmm, what do you guys think? Would you like a GOT sequel starring Kit Harington or do you just want to move on?

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