Comedian Jackie Mason dead at 93

Jackie Mason

Emmy and Tony award-winning standup comedian,Jackie Mason is died Saturday in Manhattan. He was 93.

His close friend and family spokesman Raoul Felder confirmed his death. He said Mason had been in the hospital with various illnesses for more than two weeks.

“He died peacefully in his sleep with his wife and a few friends by his side” at Mount Sinai Hospital, Felder said.

“He had a great life,” he said. ” The trajectory of his life was amazing. He was active a year before his death. He was still writing. He had a very keen mind. He had knowledge in different fields.”

Jackie received a 1987 special Tony Award for his highly successful solo effort “Jackie Mason’s The World According to Me!,” which ran for 573 performances. (He received an Emmy for writing the show after it aired on television in 1988.)

The one-man Broadway outings that followed included “Jackie Mason: Brand New” in 1990-91, “Jackie Mason: Politically Incorrect” in 1994-95, “Love Thy Neighbor” in 1996-97, “Much Ado About Everything” in 1999-2000 and “Jackie Mason: Freshly Squeezed” in 2005. His final one-man show, “Jackie Mason: The Ultimate Jew,” skipped Broadway.

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