Comedian Ali Wong and husband split after eight years of marriage

Ali Wong and husband

Comedian Ali Wong and husband, Justin Hakuta are divorcing after eight years of marriage.

Jason Heyman, Wong’s rep confirmed the split. The couple met at a friend’s wedding reception in 2010 and married in 2014. They share two daughters: Mari 6, and Nikki, 4.

The actress once joked about being jealous of single people in her Netflix special “Don Wong,” She joked;

“If you’re romantically involved with somebody, and then all of the sudden, that somebody reveals a personality trait that you don’t like, you could just leave, move to another city and never see their stupid face again,””Because you didn’t make a promise in front of your grandma and all your co-workers and ask your friends to buy you an Instant Pot. You didn’t fuse your DNA to create human life that will forever ask you, ‘Where’s Daddy?’ ”

Well,I guess you get to be single now.

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