What’s going on? Dave Chappelle attacked on stage 

Dave Chappelle

Seriously, what is going on? We have not recovered from Chris Rock’s slap now Dave Chappelle? 

Comedian, Dave Chappelle was in the middle of a performance for the Hollywood Bowl show in Los Angeles on Tuesday night when someone from the audience rushed to the stage and physically attacked him. 

Security chased him until they detained him off the stage and was escorted on a stretcher with bruised arm and face. 

Dave lost his composure for a bit and later joked; “That was a trans man,” referring to his past material that was criticized as transphobic. 

At one point, Chappelle disappeared from view to locate the attacker. When he returned, he said, “I’ve been doing this 35 years. I just stomped a [n-word] backstage — always wanted to do that,” appearing to refer to his assailant.

The set was part of the Netflix Is A Joke festival where Chappelle also discussed “the slap ‘heard round the world,” and said both Smith’s and Rock’s actions resonated with him.

Chris Rock, who had a brief set earlier in the show, came back on stage and joked, “Was that Will Smith?”

Hmm, scary times we live in -people are not even safe doing what they love anymore.

See what you have caused Will Smith? You have made it cool for people to walk up the stage and attack people. Well done Smith, you must be proud *rolls eyes”.

Extra security measures need to be taken these days, yes I know they check for weapons and all but they should stand on stage with these acts/performers to prevent this from happening again. 

There should always be security with them -before,during and after the show. 


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