Singer,Brymo has some revelation about TuFace

Brymo ,Tuface and Annie

Nigerian Singer,Brymo has decided to share some things to say about TuFace; one of them being her accussed the star of sending people to beat him up for sleeping with his wife,Annie Idibia.
“Later I found out from an undisclosed source that Mr Idibia was responsible for the attack .. yet I couldn’t decide if it was for supposedly bedding his Mrs or for claiming the spot of the greatest artiste alive!!.

“I would later ask him directly of course.. and he denied flat.. then minutes later said, as the source also mentioned .. that some ppl said I was saying things about him, and finished by saying ppl just talk .. !!!.. and that the boys who attacked me called him “egbon’.” (sic)

He also mocked the African queen star humble persona;

“And hush your ‘complicated writing’ and ‘too much drug’ banter, ya’ll will learn about indignation this time.. some things should never be said, and when spewed must be retracted right there.. this is war and it’s my Easy win, I waited almost two years to start!!.

“Most of you are down, excitedly too at such prospects, why your big mouths come ajar singing “it’s not that deep”..una Dey mad??. First it was assault and rape, now this.. una really wicked.. I’m not that guy, won’t let you pretend I am…

“Innocent Idibia will never accuse another artiste this way ever again..this is the last time!!!… I Waited, and now I’ll tell every soul how he runs around publicly feigning humility.. while privately having the self esteem of family and friends for dessert!!.: No more!!

“Maybe in my former life I would bang every one my fiery eyeballs landed on.. maybe what everyone sees.. I was a god-king.. not this time. And no matter how many allegations, I’ll live long, in boundless health and means..!and I’ll leave with the child in my heart still alive.” (sic)

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