Brymo apologize after he lost at the AFRIMA Awards

Brymo apologies after he lost at the AFRIMA Awards

Brymo responded to petition and offered an apology on Twitter after he lost at the 8th AFRIMA Awards which was held in Dakar, Senegal on January 15.

“Forgive my assertions that came across as bigoted spewings against the Igbo tribe, I did not mean to do harm, I am sorry!! ..” He tweeted.

Prior to the award show, he made a weak apology on twitter that everyone could see right through him. I am also not interested in sharing that here.

40,000 petitions were signed on the website.

This should serve as a lesson to anyone that thinks they can say or do whatever they want without consequences. Our words have power and we should be careful how we use them.

I am glad that the people of Nigeria called out this discrimination and saw it through the end. 

I am also grateful for social media and how Nigerians decided to use it for good.

For the Brymo’s out there or anyone who dislikes a particular tribe,race or nation,keep your opinions to yourself and don’t spread hate to the world.

PS: Brymo is still tweeting sensitive words on twitter and people are considering starting a petition to ban him from Twitter. I am definitely signing that since he is just being a nuisance at this point.

It makes you wonder if he has a PR team – that’s if he can afford that ūüėā.

He even used the Kanye line “they call you crazy when they can’t control you”.

Someone please tell this dude he is no Kanye. And Brymo you are not crazy ,you are on drugs and need help. #saynotodrugs

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