Sentiments aside, what has Buhari done since taking over Aso Rock? -Etcetera

Sentiments aside, what has Buhari done since taking over Aso Rock? -Etcetera
Can someone please tell me what exactly is happening in Nigeria? Sincerely, what is really happening? Sentiments aside, what has Buhari done since taking over Aso Rock? The Boko Haram sect is still bombing, fuel scarcity is still on, the dollar is still over N200, fuel subsidy is still draining the treasury, insecurity has got to a new level, the roads are at a deplorable state nationwide, and some people are suggesting we should still give the president more time, that he will deliver soon.
How long will this delivery take? Because it is already looking like the president might need a C-section to deliver. The signs are clear for all to see that Buhari has started feeling the pangs of labour.

 Nobody should ask us to give Buhari time to settle down to work. Buhari is an employee and he has to do the job he’s getting paid for. No firm accords its employees the luxury of settling down to the job. Why must it be a different case with Nigeria? Is President Buhari not getting paid already? So why does he need time to do a job he’s already getting paid for? You keep saying he needs time, with all the time he took to appoint ministers, look at the caliber of people he picked, and he’s yet to assign portfolios. This is something that ordinarily should have been done for the screening to be properly done. For Christ sake, this excuse of time is no longer funny.
 Nigerians are battling for their lives. It’s a shame that the same people that are suffering and dying from lack of everything are the ones blinded by sentiments. Those demanding more time for the president should also tell the president that Nigerians are also demanding time to pay his salary. And also, we are demanding that the lawmakers get paid per sitting.
Someone should please tell Mr. President that he can actually block leakages and reduce corruption in the country without suffocating the economy and the people with anti-people and anti-prosperity policies. Buhari’s monetary policy is not right for a capitalist country like ours. Is it part of the “zero tolerance to corruption” mantra to block the leakages caused by less than two per cent of the people in the public sector by reducing financial transactions in the bank? 
And by doing that, creating more economic problems for the rest 98 per cent of the Nigerian population that are in their private businesses which do not in any way benefit from the government and its policies?
It doesn’t make any sense to me that a government that doesn’t give her people any social benefit should put a tag on the amount of money they can transact abroad or locally simply because the president wants to checkmate corrupt civil servants when the people do not receive any support whatsoever from the government or banks like it is done in those foreign countries whose policies the president is trying to copy and paste here.
The CBN governor should be advised to tread with caution on his bank policies. It is not working for Nigerians. The monetary policies of the CBN since the Sanusi administration has been nothing but inconsistent. The other day they asked bank customers not to give out their BVN information to anyone, now they are saying that bureau-de-change should collect BVN from anyone buying or selling money to them. The flip flop of this government has become embarrassing. If anything, it is totally ridiculous. President Buhari should tender an apology to Nigerians and open up the economy if he wants the citizens of this country to prosper.
Secondly, this government is already going the way of past failed regimes. They should stop wasting our time doing unnecessary and irrelevant things. The issue of the president meeting with the senate president just to receive the official report of the screening of ministerial nominees is exactly what got Nigeria among the list of the world’s poorest countries. Buhari should focus his time and efforts to more proactive things that will benefit the people of this country.
 I thought we had a vice president who has it as part of his job description to take pictures, attend parties and photo-shoots for the government. Well, it’s like they have all the time in the world for selfies, after all, they never get stuck queuing for fuel like we do every day now. Please Mr. President, we have had too many of these unwarranted ceremonies already; it is time to get to work. How many months now and not a single policy has been implemented ehn? Abeg abeg!!!!.

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