Check out Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s  doppelganger

Dwayne The Rock Johnson doppleganger

Wow,can you tell the difference? I could not at first. Actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson  reacted to this photo (left) of his doppleganger,a sheriff’s lieutenant named Eric Fields.  

The “Baywatch” actor wrote on twitter; 

“Oh s–t! Wow,” 

“Guy on the left is way cooler,” he said in reference to Fields.  

“Stay safe brother and thank you for your service,” the action star added. “One day we’ll drink @Teremana and I need to hear all your ‘Rock stories’ because I KNOW you got ‘em [face with tears of joy, smiling face with horns, fisted hand and tumbler glass emojis] #ericfields.” 


I know! Just Wow!


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