Photo : Pharrell William’s Fedora Hat To The Grammy’s Has Its Own Twitter Account?

Top hat: It was so big Ryan Seacrest could not fit into his own picture with the star, which he posted on the netHataboy: Cunning Pharrell Williams hogged the limelight by donning an oversized fedora as he walked down the Grammy Awards red carpet with wife Helen Lasichanh in LA on Sunday
The skyscraping hat is actually a classic design by British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, her Mountain Hat, was previously worn by her former partner singer Malcolm McLaren who wore the hat in his iconic video for song Buffalo Girls

He was spotted with the oversized hat at the pre-show red
carpet with his wife Helen Lasichanh. All lot of celeb saw the humor in the hat,like Ryan Seacrest,Bey & Jay,Jennifer Hudson and apparently a fan,hence the twitter account .Check out the twitter account after the cut…

Twit: His bunnet inspired an internet wit to create an account in the guise of his unforgettable fedora

A picture is worth a thousand words: Even the ridiculously attired Beyonce and Jay Z could not stifle their laughs after bumping into the musician
Watch the hat: Even a cheesily serious pose holding a brandy snifter was not enough for Jay Z to steal attention from the N.E.R.D star
Throwing her hands up in dismay: Even Anna Kendrick's daringly open fronted dress could not tear people's peepers away from the hat
Heads up display: And he left Jennifer Hudson speechless on Saturday when he flaunted his fedora at a pre-show party

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