How to link Webmail to Gmail account

Link webmail to gmail

Remember when we had to go to cybercafés to read emails and check what’s going on in the world via the internet? Hmm, good times!

It made us appreciate where we get information. But now, you can get information on the go, with your phone. Get your mails the minute it’s sent. The internet is just wonderful, isn’t it? I agree, most times…

I like that I can receive my emails on the go and with what I do, I have multiple email addresses. And I’m able to receive messages from each one of them thanks to the Gmail message app.


 So how did I link my webmail to my Gmail on my phone? 


Link webmail to gmail

Download Gmail app

First, you have to download the Gmail app on your phone through Google play. Type Gmail in the search box on Google Play and it looks like this below;


Since I already have the app on my phone, that’s why you can see it displaying uninstall and open. If you don’t have the app, after typing the name, you will see “Install”. So, install it.

Sign in with your Gmail account

The next step is to sign in using your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, that‘s pretty easy, just sign up by clicking the create account (photo below).

Link webmail to gmail


As you can see from the photo (above), enter your email address, click ‘Next”, then enter your password. Keep clicking next until it’s complete.


Now to include your webmail in the Gmail app

Go to your settings

Link webmail to gmailLink webmail to gmail

Sign in with your Gmail account, go to add account. The next slide you will see in the photo (below);

Link webmail to gmail

Select “other”- we are choosing others because as you can see from the options, it’s not a Gmail, yahoo or outlook account. Then include your webmail/email address and password.

Link webmail to gmail

Let’s say we are using, enter a password as well.

Link webmail to gmail

Before you enter the password, you will be asked “What type of account is this”. And see like Personal POP3 and personal (IMAP), choose the first option. Keep clicking ‘Next’ till it’s complete.

Link webmail to gmailLink webmail to gmail

And Voilà! You have linked your webmail to your Gmail. So you won’t have to miss that important mail from clients. I have missed some good gigs because I didn’t link my webmail to my Gmail. I mostly check on my laptop. And with the kind of job I do, I barely use my laptop because it’s always at home. And it could take me like a week or two to check my messages on my webmail –It was a terrible way of doing things.


I’m glad I finally linked my webmail to my Gmail and I thought you guys should also know how to do it.


Apart from Webmail, you can also link other emails to your Gmail. If you are wondering if it is possible to link more than one Gmail account; yes, it is possible.


So there you go! Hope this information was helpful and if you would like to see more of this post, Please comment and sign up for my email newsletter, so you don’t miss out on fresh articles


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