Peter & Paul Okoye Show Off Their Latest Mansion


 The Okoye brothers are never one to shy away from the good life. And when it comes to acquiring the latest ride or crib,they let you know. The ‘Away’ duo shared some photos from their latest mansion on their instagram page. Paul captoned the photo above;
“Away!!! to anyone who doesn’t want you to succeed in life can I hear an Amen !#backtosender,””only God.”

And Peter shared the theatre room and captioned;”This is why I don’t go to the Cinemas #BringTheMoviesToTheHouse #TheatreAtHome,” he wrote on Instagram.

Hmm,nice one….

Paul Okoye in his new super mansion
Peter Okoye in his kitchen
Peter Okoye in his private cinema
Peter Okoye with his dogs in his kitchen

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