Paul Okoye flaunts his relationship with Ivy Ifeoma

paul okoye

Paul Okoye has been in the news lately and not for his music but for his personal life and it seems he is enjoying the attention. The singer shared a video on one of his social media stories with Iv Ifeoma, the model he is currently dating and fans are not feeling it.

Paul shared that Ivy woke him up with a hug to go to church on Sunday. See video;

Lol, it’s really funny how he is trying to get attention with this. Some fans bashed him for not doing all this while he was married to Anita.

I’ll tell you why guys, it’s cause it was real with Anita (at least we thought it was -their divorce was really shocking) and people like to protect what is real. No offense to Ivy but he is just having fun and as an entertainer, you have to keep giving the people content.

Anita on the other hand has moved on with her life and is set to remarry, so all is good and well with them.

Allow Paul to enjoy his life with his new boo.

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