Meet The Latest Cast Member Of America Horror Story Jyoti Amge,The Smallest ‘2ft 6″ Woman In The World

World's smallest woman: Jyoti Amge posed with American Horror Story co-star Jessica Lange in a picture posted on Ryan Murphy's InstagramTease: A poster for American Horror Story: Freak Show features a bearded lady in a corset
For those horror freaks (including me,damn i love that show!)!!! AHS has a new cast menber for the forthcoming new season (4), entitled Freak Show. The show creator Ryan Murphy shared photo of one of the lead star,Jessica Lange and Jyoti Amge on his instagram page on thurday with caption;‘Jessica and our newest cast member Jyoti Amge…the world’s smallest woman,’ According to the Limca and the Guinness Book Of Records,20-year-old Indian actress is the world’s smallest woman at 2ft 6ins.

The 20-year-old has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia which stopped her growing after her first birthday.Jyoti has brittle bones and is likely to need care for the rest of her life. She weighs just 12lbs (5.5kg), only 9lbs more than she did at birth. In an interview with the Sun last year,the Bollywood actress said;

‘I am proud of being small,’ ‘I have the same thoughts and the same dreams as you.‘I would like to be an actress in Hollywood and win an Oscar. The only difference is my height.’ 

No details have been released of the character Jyoti will play on the new season, but E! News reports the series will be set in 1952 Jupiter, Florida. and will focus on one of America’s last remaining freak shows. Awesome!

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