The Cast of “Emily in Paris” talk about Season 3


Oh, I am so excited! Christmas came early as we get to binge on Emily in Paris Season 3.  The cast of the show discussed their roles and how different they are in real life.

“I’m like, how are we going to film all — like, what?” says Lily Collins, who portrays the titular American marketing executive making her social media presence felt in France.

“But it was a real ride. It was a real rollercoaster to shoot. And it was really fun too,” she adds.

Season three gives the stylish female lead character more options for her work, designer conundrums, and romantic insights.
Although Lucas Bravo, who plays chef Gabriel, Emily’s full-time neighbor and on-again, off-again love interest, believes she isn’t the only one dealing with issues in this series. He said;

“Before it was only Emily’s chaos,” says Bravo. “Now everybody has his own story with his own chaos. And it’s a big soup of chaos and drama.”

Collins revealed how it is to pretend like she doesn’t know french. “It’s a little bit difficult to pretend like you don’t know how to say something,” Collins explains. “To mispronounce it over and over and over again, it’s like … I just want to answer it fully in French. So it is tricky.”

Kate Walsh who plays Emily’s American boss Madeline discussed her fashion choice on the show and in real life, lol.

“I would never dress like that. But I love it because it’s critical to the character,” Walsh says.

Likewise, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu claims there’s a stark difference between her and her role as Sylvie, Madeline’s top chic Parisian business rival.

Leroy-Beaulieu says she’s nowhere near as snobbish, even though Sylvie’s arrogant attitude is “so much fun.”

But Bravo, in a twist, reckons that all the actors are more like their characters than they realize: “What’s so good about (showrunner) Darren (Star’s) casting is that he always finds, you know, actors that are the essence of the characters. So there’s always a part of us in every character.”

“I don’t know what the differences are. I think I would own up to my mistakes a bit more than Gabriel. But we’re very similar in many ways in terms of vulnerability, femininity, and sexiness in general,” he jokes.

Haha,i love how the show creator cast these actors,you could see a little bit of themselves in the character and they have so much fun playing them.


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