Lady Gaga On The Cover Of Candy Magazine.

She's no lady! Lady Gaga bares all for the new issue of Candy magazine, clad in a fur coat that exposes her pubic area as well as one breast, her modesty covered only by a scorpion nipple ornament
Candy magazine is a Transversal magazine. It’s no surprise the controversial singer is their cover girl,given her crazy and out of this world sense of style.
The star wears a Charlie Chaplin-style black bowler hat and has quirky mismatched black eyebrows painted on, along with a pointy moustache and black lipstick that is drawn out to the sides in an eerie clown-like smile. See another photo below…

She can't shock us anymore! The singer has never been one to shy away from nudity or censor herself in any way, so this latest move doesn't seem quite as controversial as she may have hoped

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