Tyga Pressures Kylie Jenner To Get A Butt Lift

Tyga Pressures Kylie Jenner To Get A Butt Lift

According to Radaronline,Tyga have been pressuring his 18-year-old girlfriend to get a butt aand boob lift implant. A source revealed;

“He wants her to boost her butt,get her boobs lifted and reduce her waistline with Lipo” . “It’s completely evil.”
“Tyga’s so obsessed with porn star bodies that she is listening,”. Kylie’s such a fool when it comes ti Tyga that she’ll do anything to keep him attracted to her.”
“Kylie’s getting it from everyone over her newly acquired pounds, but to have it from the man who’s supposed to love her unconditionally is devastating,”
“He wants her with some kind of freakish Jessica Rabbit shape that’s anatomically impossible,” “That poor girl is not getting a great start in life, that’s for sure.”

This is ridiculous and if Kylie is actually considering this,then she must have a low self-esteem, Blac Chyna did all that,had a baby for him and now she is engaged to your brother.

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