Kim Kardashian is not getting back with Kanye West 

Kim Kardashian at Donda event

A close source to Kim Kardashian says Kim and Kanye are not getting back together despite Kanye’s recent attempt – a thanksgiving prayer. 

“Make no mistake about it, Kim is not getting back together with Kanye. Kim has not given Kanye any indication whatsoever that she wants to work it out,” “Kim already told Kanye that their marriage was done months ago when she filed for divorce.” -The source revealed to HollywoodLife. 

“Her and Kanye even amicably divided most of their assets, including their house,” “Kanye was even satisfied with the co-parenting situation that they had worked out.” 

“It wasn’t until Kanye saw that Kim was moving on that he decided that he and Kim were going to work things out, but it is too late for that and it is not how this works,” “Kanye is extra bothered because she is hanging out with Pete because he had some beef with Pete from when he went on SNL wearing his MAGA hat and this is known. So, the fact that Kim started to hang out with Pete bothered Kanye in general and now that he sees she is really enjoying being around him.” 

Just like Taylor Swift’s song ” We are never never ever getting back together” ,Kanye and Kim are done. It’s funny how Taylor is in the middle again (you know…given these trio relationships) – that chic writes awesome songs,lol. 

I’m not a fan of Pete Davidson but Kanye blew it with Kim ,he should just move on and co-parent amicably. He should save himself from the drama and humiliation. 

Take care of your health and maybe later in the future ,find someone artsy…Don’t look at me, he said it!

I’m sure it would be nice for the kids but would it be nice for both of you? Think about that, Kanye!

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