Employees claim Kanye West showed them ‘Explicit photo’ of Kim Kardashian 

Kanye West

Kanye West aka Ye is facing another scandal as his former Adidas employees claimed he showed them an “Explicit photo” of his ex-wife,Kim Kardashian during an interview. 

According to the claim,during a 2018 interview, Ye showed the staff a person photo of Kim Kardashian and said “My wife just sent me this,”

They also claimed that Adidas management turned a blind eye to Ye’s abusive behavior.

Hmm,they are coming at Kanye real hard now that he is exposing a lot. The weird thing is that this happened in 2018.

For us to believe this claim,they should tell us exactly what Kim was wearing or not wearing, the color of her hair in the photo or video and if it’s a video,what she was saying. So Kim can confirm it.

And the business men that claimed he played a porn video for them,what was the business setting like?location and what were you guys talking about?

That is the only way I will believe this.

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