Kanye West Says He’s So Turned On By His Wife, He Can’t Be With Any Girl

Kim Kardashian steps out in a revealing outfit after a photo shoot and then has dinner at the Serafina restaurant with sister KourtneyIn love: Kanye spoke about his affection for his new wife during a talk at the Cannes Lions festival

Oh Kanye,ofcourse you
are turned on by her pictures,so are more than one million men in the world! Uh
she had a sex tape; I don’t think any of us can forget that in a hurry and she’s
basically a sex symbol. Common Kanye,you can think of something better to say
about why you love Kimmy!
While in a discussion  during Cannes
Lions on Tuesday,
The Bound 2 singer said;

‘I can’t be with any girl but Kim
because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the

He also said in a recent
conversation with Steve Stout, Stephanie Ruhle and Ben Horowitz at
a talk entitled Translation: Technology, Culture, and Consumer Adoption:
Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape held at the Palais des Festivals during
the biggest advertising festival in the world.

‘Throughout my entire
life because of the way my parents raised me, I was like “I have to work with
the number one”
‘I can’t work with
anyone but Jay Z because that’s the number one.’

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