J’lo Responds to Diddy’s ‘booty’ Comment

J'lo Responds to Diddy's 'booty' CommentJ'lo Responds to Diddy's 'booty' Comment
Also on access hollywood,J’lo shares the love right back to Diddy… I love how exes can be this cool, the American Idol judge told Robinson;

“Puffy — he’ll always be Puffy to me. We spent three years of our lives together, almost every single day,” Lopez, 45, began. “And as much as he roots for me, and as proud as he is of me and of the time we had together, I am just as proud to see what he’s done.”
“all the things he’s done as a businessman, [while] still being true to his music and his art and trying to uplift his community in his own way.” In fact, she said, she aspires to a similar kind of career.
“It’s the same thing that I try to do,”. “And I feel like I learned a lot from him coming up, watching him.He had been in the business awhile, and I was making my first record when I met Puffy. And he gave me so many cues and taught me so many things, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that.”“I love that he can be so supportive of me so many years later,” she said, “and that there’s still so much mutual respect, admiration, and love there.”

It’s amazing how they both made history together and apart…


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