Selena Gomez Responds to Hailey Bieber’s rumored shady comment 

Selena Gomez and Hailey BieberSelena Gomez responded to a TikTok user for thinking Hailey Bieber was throwing shade at her, following a photo of Selena in a bikini on vacation in Cabo.

Gomez got body-shamed for that photo for appearing to have gained weight. Hailey Bieber posted a TikTok lip-synching to a popular sound where she said “And I’m not saying she deserved it, but God’s timing is always right.”

Though she deleted the post immediately, eagle-eyed Selenators, precisely user @ellenacuario captured it and alleged Hailey was being shady towards Selena about the bikini pics.

Gomez responded from her verified TikTok account.
“It’s ok!” “I don’t let these things get me down! Be nice to everyone! x.”

Hailey also commented;“I never comment on this type of thing but we were just having a girls’ night and did a random TikTok sound for fun. It’s not directed at anyone [sparkles and white heart emojis].”

This is ridiculous. Selenators need to accept that Hailey is with Bieber and they need to stop criticizing everything she posts, likes or shares on social media.

These ladies are cool with each other, Selena has moved on, y’all should stop bullying Hailey.

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