Grammy Producers Spell Late Glee Actor & Singer Cory Monteith’s Name Wrong As They Pay Tribute

Not such  fitting tribute: Cory Monteith's name was spelled incorrectly during a tribute to those who have died over the past year at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night

were paid to the musical stars that lost their lives over the past year at the Grammy’s
on Sunday. And the Glee star (bless his soul) name was spelt wrongly. The ‘e’
and ‘I’ of his surname were wrongly placed. Fans of the late star were
infuriated by the mistake and took to twitter to complain… In my opinion, no
one is above mistakes and the Grammy’s are quite known for perfection; if the performance,
award presentations and gay/straight mass wedding could go successful, why can’t
you just get a name right? They(Grammy’s) take months to prepare for this.There’s no excuse, we are talking about a tribute
In July 2013, the entertainment industry mourned
the loss of the 31-year-old actor, whose premature death was caused by a drug
overdose caused by a combination of heroin and alcohol while in a Vancouver
A fan wrote: ‘Cory Monteith’s name was
spelled incorrectly. Someone’s getting fired. #grammys.’
While another added:
‘For the Grammys to misspell Cory Monteith’s name was incredibly

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