Check Out Drake’s Diamond Necklace from 42 “Previous Engagements”

Drake diamond

Haha, when you think you have seen it all,Drake says hold my beer,lol.

Okay so Drake has a new jewelry collection that features 42 diamonds from engagement rings of 42 supposed potential suiters in his life.

The “In my feelings” rapper calls it “previous engagements”.

Drake is 36 years old and even though I don’t know him personally, I wouldn’t imagine his wifey material he couldn’t lock down would be up to 42. Or does that include his hookups and groupies?

That’s just rad. Anyways, check out the design from the designer,Alex Moss below;

Lol, Drake wants to marry everyone but no one in particular -the ultimate F$%k Boy”.

The jewelry is worth 351.38 carats in diamonds. He does love his bling though.

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