Another movie synosis.

Movie Title :THE STALKER

THE STALKER is a story about an attention seeking secondary school
teenager;Rachel okolie obsessed with Nollywood actress Genevieve
Nnaji,that she looks for means to contact the star.

Rachel’s parent goes on a vacation and fortunately for her,it fell on
the weekend of the AMAA awards which was the perfect opportunity for her
to meet with the star. She ask for help from her best friend and fellow
school mate;kelechi Njoku on how to go about “meeting” with the star
but she took it a little too far by keeping the star hostage in her
parent’s house. Meanwhile her accomplice was getting scared and worried
sick about the whole idea and wanted out since he discovered they were
going to be in big trouble when the case gets to the police .

Eventually,Genevieve nnaji’s friends,boyfriend,agent,

manager and
sponsors became worried and took the case to the police. The police
caught them and arrested them,they stayed in jail for months until
Genevieve released the charges and asked them to be taken to a
rehabilitation center and also be given a restraining order. Rachel just
wanted to meet with the star one -on-one but had no idea the way she
was going about it was wrong and against the law.

“STALKER” is a tale of suspense,humor and desperation. It’s very dramatic, thriller inspired and a little bit of comedy.

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