You Should See This : Photo By Ty Bello Featuring Rita Dominic

You Should See This : Photo By Ty Bello Featuring Rita Dominic

Ok guys,remember Marilyn Moroe’s iconic photo? This has got to be naija’s right? and with our stunning Rita in it. I know,i know! we don’t always have to compare Hollywood to Nollywood but the truth is we emulate them and there’s nothing wrong with that,as long as the outcome is good or in  this case close to perfect if only Rita was a little bit at ease. Nice idea by the way TY! For me,just like that Marilyn’s iconic photo,this kinda did it for me on our naija level. Read Ty Bello’s story behind the out-of -the-blue/Iconic shoot after the cut…

 “Two things are not compatible: The perfectionist Super-makeup artist and a dying sun. I’ve been known to chase the sun. But only in its first and last hour. Since it’s usually impossible to get the whole team to have a subject prepped up and ready by 5:30am( except that one time with Genevieve Nnaji) it’s usually the dying sun I’m chasing. They call it the golden hour for a reason but by the time @bimpeonakoya was done contouring ,all we had a golden minute or max three left before the magic would disappear. I had gone chasing it. Today it didn’t stream through a window and land on couch that Rita would be spread on …that would have been a no brainer.Instead, the gold was beaming through an opening in the wall in the hall way at the door of a strangers room. So we stampede across the hotel dragging a perfectly dressed Rita ( who is definitely wondering what manner crazy had befallen me)down the hall way… We get there and the the dying sun tells me it doesn’t like Rita Dominic’s dress.. We barely have minute . I turn to Rita softly make the plea.We wount be wearing this dress…it’s beautiful but it’s just not saying anything in this hallway.Can you trust me…? She burst into laughter with this look that screamed… You are C…RAAAZY…. That was my yes. So I ran back across the hall and screamed’ make a wall around her and undress her… Quick!!!!) I walked into the room and yanked the sheets from under a group of people watching tv( sorry guys) and ran back to her: this is the out fit. So the white sheets… The glass of water Bimpe was drinking and the pearly necklace she was originally meant to wear on her neck. She propped herself at the foot of the door and found the character.Without me having to say a word:She kissed the sun and a story was born. Do you see the story here guys…hit me back inthe comment section:)#tybellophotograhy#ritadominic#photostories#blackandwhitephotography#avail

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