Would you wear underwear made of plastic straps and a strategically placed towel?

Invisible Panties
Lol,oh my! With the level of nakedness nowadays, i think this will come in handy.

The website Kickstarter.com  says the panties are ideal for hot weather, one can’t help but wonder if the plastic straps would cause uncomfortable chafing and sweating.
Oddly, the Kickstarter page emphasizes that Invisible Panties are apparently ‘perfectly designed’ for a woman’s time of the month.
‘Usual underwear cannot keep a pad not smashed for a long time, especially at night, that cause absolutely uncomfortable sleeping,’ says the description.
By contrast, ‘Baba invisible panties let you sleep however you like, you can roll over, twist and turn round all night long, a pad won’t be smashed or damaged,’ it says.
How can you be comfortable with those pins poking you? i don’t get it. Do you? I would really love to know you view on this.

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