Whitenicious,Sex & Celibacy – Dencia’s Interview With Encomium

Whitenicious,Sex & Celibacy - Dencia's Interview With Encomium

In a recent interview with Encomium; Dencia talks about not having sex in a while,her business and insist ‘Whitenicious’ is not a bleaching product. Read below;

Can you tell us the range of products Whitenicious come in?It has two products, the dark spot remover and dark knees, knuckles and elbow cream that helps with hyper pigmentation in those areas for all races.
How safe is the product, does it come with any side effect?It is very safe, the only side effect is a good one which is that it helps clear the dark spots and hyper pigmentation.  I put in over $50,000 to make it good and glamorous.
As the name implies, does it bleach the skin totally?Whitenicious will take care of all dark spots and hyper pigmentation.  Most people ask if dark skin people can use Whitenicious.  It is also for dark people.  Sometimes they have darker knuckles, knees. If they use the cream under two weeks, their skim colour will blend.  Some people call it toning cream.  What are they toning?  If people want to tone, they should go to the gym.  In America, if you are as black as Alec Wek, you can still use it.  A lot of people alleged that I am encouraging bleaching.  No, I am not.  They can see it from the size of the cream.  It is used for certain things.  I cannot control how people will use it but Whitenicious is not for bleaching.

 How does it feel not having sex for two years?It feels good, I am saving energy and mileage.  I have better things to waste energy on.Why do you want to wait till after marriage?Because I am not in a rush, marriage is a commitment, I just don’t see myself falling in love, having sex and being both heart broken. I have never being heart broken, I can’t take a heartbreak and men these days expect anything from them.  To avoid heartbreak if I meet any serious man we will meet the families, no sex for over six months.  So, in the process they might find out they don’t like me so I can quit easily.Is your boyfriend not complaining?I am not in a relationship now but I have dated someone somehow within two years but it was not physical, it was more emotional. He was in Europe and I was in America, that made it easy and he wasn’t complaining neither was I.  We stopped talking later.  Sex doesn’t do it for me, but a man who can hold my attention and whose attention I can hold with just text messages, phone calls, Skype, that is what I love.

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