Virgins and first love.

Virgins and first love.
Have you ever
asked why ladies always want to be with their first love? Some people say it’s
because they were deflowered (forgive my 1920’s use of words) by their first
love. I don’t believe that. How come guys don’t bother themselves about who
deflowered them? Some girls actually think they are in love with the ones that
broke them. Yes, they could, and No, they couldn’t.

The thing is,
some of them can’t imagine losing someone that has seen them inside out, while
some imagine how they would start another life with someone else. All the time,
energy, and things they had to give up for their partners, things they’ve lost
in exchange of not losing their relationship. How they are going to tell their
friends & families about the girl or guy they’ve been bragging about is no
more with them.
 I know a girl that dated a guy for almost two years that treated her
so well, he was like the perfect boyfriend but he wasn’t sincere. He broke this
girl, as we say it in my country, “opened her eyes”! After some months, they
started having issues like people have in relationships and decided to part
ways. The girl was hurt quite alright but when I asked what she’ll miss and if
the guy comes back, if she would take him back. She said she would miss all the
things he buys for her and that if he comes begging she wouldn’t accept him
that she can’t live with him for the rest of her life because his insincere and
not content. Shouldn’t this girl be in love with this guy because he deflowered
          I know of another girl that had been so intact
for a long time but her problem was she loved competing with her sister. She
started dating this guy out of the blue, that she actually gave out her
virginity to this guy, she was having issues with her family because of this
guy and she wasn’t herself. Some of us then might have called it love, you know,
and that she was in love. After a year and some months, she got her things back
from the guy’s house and started acting sensible again. The guy started
suspecting her that she might be cheating on him. She started avoiding him bit
by bit until she hit the bombshell! “I don’t love him”. What just happened? all
those while she thought she was in love and besides he deflowered her! Why
doesn’t she love him? Isn’t she supposed to love the one that broke her? We are
getting somewhere aren’t we?
  And this other girl dated a guy for almost
seven years and of course he broke her. They had issues, they broke up but she
still loves him. I asked her what she missed about him and if he comes begging,
if she would take him. She said she missed the way he tolerates her and she
would definitely take him back.
What is the difference between these three girls? Time. Love takes
time, it’s time that determines if you really love someone or not. It is not
like the last couple weren’t having issues like normal couples do, it just
that, they went through them. I know the question now is why they aren’t still
together. It is just that sometimes in relationships, one actually needs some
time away to discover who they are, what they want, who they want and know they
can spent the rest of their life with. But they don’t know that one of them
might be impatient, especially when you didn’t let them know you needed
sometime alone and just tell them you are tired or you can’t do this anymore.
And then after some time you want to come back? The other person would have
moved on definitely, you don’t expect the person to hurt who he or she is
dating?! That’s why they might not come back together. Therefore, those other
girls didn’t love those guys because they were not willing to accept them, if
not they would have giving them another chance and let time tell if they really
love these guys. Why wouldn’t they give their love time if they didn’t even
love in the first place?

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