Victoria Beckham finally steps back for Nicola Peltz

Victoria Beckham finally steps back for Nicola PeltzHmm,mothers and their first sons…Victoria Beckham has finally decided to step back from being in charge of her son,Brooklyn Beckham’s marriage to Nicola Peltz.

According to reports:

“She wants both Nicola and Brooklyn to agree to more family commitments,” the insider said. “She really hates the idea of the other kids seeing how Brooklyn and Nicola behave and thinking that it’s OK.”

“Victoria already feels like she sticks her neck out for Brooklyn’s career and she worries about all of the backlash he’s been getting recently about his aspirations to be a chef.

“But Victoria is willing to step back when it comes to personal matters and she also wants to show Nicola some respect,” the insider noted.

Before concluding, the source said that Victoria Beckham now “understand” that Nicola Peltz is “her own woman who is trying to make her mark in her marriage.” – an inside told closer magazine.

Well,it helps that Peltz is from a rich family. 

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