Trevor Noah discuss Nicki Minaj’s controversial vaccine tweet

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah weighed in on Rapper, Nicki Minaj’s controversial vaccine tweet. The Daily Show host invited Trinidad and Tobago’s health minister, Dr Terrence Deyalsingh and  talked about Nicki saying she was invited by the White House. He said;

“I’m going to be honest with you: I can see both sides of this things,” said Noah. “I mean, it would be pretty weird for the White House to have invited Minaj for that tweet. Because normally someone gets an invite to the White House for like, winning a gold medal, or saving their entire platoon, not for tweeting about their cousin’s friend’s scrotum.

“On the other hand, Nicki’s story makes sense too!” the Daily Show host continued. “Why would you lie about going to a house that’s not even as nice as yours?”

But “as funny as this story is – and we have had fun with it – unfortunately this has turned into a real problem, in a real country, handled by real health professionals,” said Noah.

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