This Doctor says Celine Dion might be able to sing again

Celine Dion

Celine Dion revealed health condition “Stiff Person Syndrome” some days ago and how it could affect her singing, she even canceled her tour for next year.

Well , this doctor,Satonsh Kesari, MD, Ph.D., told HollwoodLife that the songstress might be able to sing again.

He said, “I think so. There are many treatments that can help and I think she just needs to go through one by one and figure out what’s going to help improve the disease and keep it at bay…I don’t want to say we can take away 100% of the symptoms, but we can make them improve significantly.”

“There are [still] patients who don’t respond as well, or their healing is slow to progress, even on treatment. So, we do need to understand this better and we need to do more research to get a real cure.”

Stiff Person syndrome is a rare and incurable neurological disease.

Well, we are hopeful. Celine Dion’s voice is a gift to the world and it would be sad not to hear her sing again. Speedy recovery Madam.

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