The OC alum,Rachel Bilson reveals she had her first orgasm at 38

Rachel Bilson

Actress, Rachel Bilson known for her role in the OC and Hart of Dixie revealed in an episode of her “Broad Ideas” podcast that she had her first orgasm at 38.

During an episode with Comedian Whitney Cummings, Bilson said she was the same as Cummings after the comedian shared that “I have not had an orgasm from sex until I went off birth control,” Cummings, 40, said. “Never had it in my life until I turned 40.”

Bilson replies “I was the same as you,” Bilson said. “It didn’t happen for me until I was about 38. Isn’t that crazy?”

Oh Wow, I feel bad for her exes, especially Hayden Christensen and Bill Hader (Adam Brody doesn’t count, they were really young back then).

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