Rihanna on the cover of British GQ.

Naked art: Rihanna appears on the cover of British GQ wearing nothing but a bunch of snakes
The rude boy singer tweeted this and posted a caption saying ;
Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati!!!! She. x Damien Hirst #GQ #25thAnniversary #COVER,’ she tweeted Friday night.
‘I love playing with dominant animals! These 2 were double the trouble, but they’re superstars!!! #snakez #GQ #RiRi #88babies #25thanniversary’.

I reserve my comment. What do you guys think of this shoot?

Snakes on a mane: Rihanna hides her hair underneath a snake in the provocative photoshoot directed by Damien Hirst
The 25th anniversary special issue of British GQ will be out on the 31st of October
Slither and sizzle: Rihanna dons snake-eye lenses as she covers her bare breasts with her arms, showing off her Egypt-inspired chest tattoo

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