Regina Askia returns to Nollywood

Regina Askia

90’s popular actress ,Regina Askia-Willams is set to return to Nollywood. The Nigerian-born American-based family nurse practitioner will star in a movie ‘Web’ with veteran actor,Ramsey Noah. The 53-year-old took to her instagram to share the exciting news;

“And so, I wrap up on the set of Web today as Olivia, a wife Desmond @ramseynouah will not forget in a hurry. Much love to cast and crew of @siderzentertainment @robertopeters @woleogundare and all the talented young men and women who made it happen,” she wrote.

“Here we go again with the cameras rolling!! Set of WEB!! Stay tuned!! @ramseynouah @pizza_teesa,”

Askia is known for her TV role in the soap opera ‘Fortune’ and movie ;Most Wanted and Full moon.

She still looks good at 53 and i’m sure her fans will be excited to see her back in the big screen.


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