Reasons why I plan to quit my job

Reasons why I plan to quit my job
Yes, I have been thinking of quitting my job for a long time now but I have not been able to do it because I am not yet financially stable. But giving the type of job I do, I wonder– when will I be financially stable?
I’ve been working since I graduated from school and most of the jobs have been on six days a week. I have not been able to enjoy my weekends or be productive. Having a blog and my job has affected my consistency and I plan to work really hard on my blog these few months. If I start to see progress, I will definitely quit my job in six months or less *fingers crossed*.
Working all these years is just so I can put food on the table and take of myself, cause let’s face it-no one will do that for me. But I have always taught about other people, not being a burden to others and how I can help. Though I can take care of myself (not as I would like to), I also want to be able to take care of people in need and my loved ones.
But with my current job, it seems impossible and I’m beginning to wonder why I am still doing it. I want to be able to take care of my mum, assist my siblings in need, provide for my community and help the needy. Though being an entrepreneur is no joke, it takes a lot of commitment and hard work; I intend to put in the work this time – even if it means I won’t be sleeping as normal (I feel like I sleep a lot on Sundays). Anyways these are the reasons why I plan to quit my job;

The salary is really poor

You know, I taught about it; my job makes me work six days a week, eight to five, it’s far from my home and the salary is not worth all this. Going to three years with them and there is no hope for salary increment, promotion (in their case, doesn’t result to increment of salary), no training, no hope for anything other than what I am doing. I deserve better than this.

I barely have time to myself

Working nine hours a day, six days a week as a single lady, it’s really telling on me. Going to the salon is like another shore to do, that I have to plan myself very well before I go. And I won’t even get to fix or paint my nails cause that will feel like spending more time than usual. I just do my hair and leave because I’m trying to do a lot of things at once.
I leave the house very early in the morning and come back home late and some Sundays I sleep all through and don’t go to church sometimes. This is not the life I planned for myself.

The environment is toxic

Where I work; I share a small office with someone and he is insecure with his job and tries every means to make the environment toxic. He was there for five years before I resumed and you know this type of people that act like they are cool with you in your presence and then at your back, they are talking smack about you and making you look incompetent all because they are jealous of your work ethic and the changes you have made in the office.
I spend most of my time in the office and working with someone that is out to get you is not good for my mental health

It’s affecting my physical health

I have never been a skinny person but I know when I’m healthy and when I’m not. Most times when I’m stressed out, I gain a lot of weight. With the toxic environment, lack of sleep, poor salary, sitting in a chair for hours, waking up so early and getting home late… It’s beginning to tell on my physical health.

I’m not growing

Yep, career-wise I’m not growing. It’s almost three years now and nothing has improved with my department; no promotion (well I wasn’t interested since it didn’t involve money), no training. I deserve better than that.

I’m spending more than I’m earning

Okay so before I started the job, I was told I would be confirmed in six months (my salary would increase since I wasn’t okay with what they were offering in the first place) and I believed confirmation should involve an increment of salary. I accepted the job to see how things go; yes I was confirmed but nothing was added to my salary, I kept getting one verbal promise or the other – almost three years down, nothing!
With our country situation, everything has increased; what used to be 100 naira is now 150 naira and transport fare has increased drastically –did I mention my home is far from my office? Yet my salary is the same. And this has led to spending more than I earn and it’s not doing any good for me any longer.

And I’m not getting the appreciation/ recognition I deserve

Have you ever been in a situation where you do most of the work and someone else takes all the credit? Yeah, that is what I face at my job. Since I’m someone that likes to share ideas, give people advice on how to go about things, manage people …They take it for granted.
They use you to get information and they don’t give you credit. In my case, the person I work with is trying to make me leave, he asks for my opinions and suggestions, I give him freely and yet he does something terrible behind my back. I do most of the job but he takes all the credit.
They only reward hard work with more work and not the actual benefits. So yeah, these are the reason why I have to quit my job and focus on entrepreneurship entirely. But like I said, I need to work hard on developing my blog to the point where I can decide to quit and pursue it full time. Wish me luck!
So have you quit your job before and what were your reasons? I think mine is pretty reasonable, right?

Love to hear from you

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