Priyanka Chopra’s cousin,Meera said she have not got any work because of Priyanka

Meera Chopra

Meera Chopra,cousin of Bollywood and Hollywood actress,Priyanka Chopra recently said in an interview with Zoom,that though she hardly gets any work cause of the Baywatch actress,people take her seriously.

“The only time when I came to Bollywood there was a buzz that Priyanka’s sister is also coming but honestly I have not faced many comparisons. I have not got any work because of Priyanka. If I needed a producer, they have not cast me as I am her sister.”

“Honestly, being related to her has not helped me in my career but it has really helped me in a way that people did take me seriously. They did not take me for granted as they knew was coming from a family who knew cinema. That is the only privilege I got. Otherwise, I had to struggle. Honestly, with my work like every time my movie used to leave fortunately I have not been compared to both of them”,

Meera Chopra has featured in several Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood movies. Besides movies, Meera Chopra has Kamathipura (The Tattoo Murders) web series on Disney+Hotstar.

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