Photos : Ukranian former journalist pulls Kim Kardashian’s hair At Paris Fashion Week

Dramatic scenes: Kim Kardashian was almost pulled to the ground by red carpet gate crasher Vitalii Sediuk at Paris Fashion Week on ThursdayReality royalty: Kanye followed in the trend with a regal military style coat with gold embellishment
Kim and Kanye arrived at the Balmain show in Paris to watch younger sister Kendall Jenner walk the runway wearing one of their favorite designer dresses at Paris fashion week.
The Ukranian former journalist Vitalii Sediuk was in the huge crowd and from the photos it looked like Kim’s lost her balance. Although,A source close to Vitalii said:

‘The information about Vitalii pulling Kim’s hair is untrue. Vitalii hugged Kim and that caused a big crowding with the security that pulled him down to the ground. Because of the mess, Kim may have lost her balance , But Vitalii didn’t mean any harm.’ 

This is not the first time a celeb have been ‘attached’ by this person, he had run-ins with celebrities including America Ferrera, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez.  Brad pitt was also a victim,he said he had to defend himself after the Ukrainian television personality tried to ‘bury his face in my crotch.’ Wow! that must be terrifying.See more photos and of Vitalii after the cut…

Total shock: It's clear Kim wasn't expecting such dramatic scenes when she set out to watch the fashion show today
Occupational hazard: Kim isn't the first and it is doubtful she will be the last star to be accosted by Sediuk
Thank goodness North wasn't there: Just the day before, Kim and Kanye had brought their one-year-old daughter to a show
Distraught: Both Kim and her mother looked utterly distraught by what had occurred
Reality royalty: Kanye followed in the trend with a regal military style coat with gold embellishmentCelebrity pest: Sediuk once again hit the headlines after Kim became his latest celebrity victim
Protective: Kanye West put a protective arm around his shaken wife after the terrifying incident
Utter shock: Kim looked traumatised as she made her way inside after the incident on Thursday
Waiting to make his move: Vitalii was spotted at the front of the crowd as he waited for Kim and Kanye to arrive

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