Photo : Uk Photographer Captures ‘Hand Of God’ Emerging From The Clouds

Photo : Uk Photographer Captures 'Hand Of God' Emerging From The Clouds
David Christie, 38, captured the incredible footage of the fist-like wind funnel as it punched its way through the dark clouds above his home and says he thinks it’s the ‘hand of God’;

“I love weather photography and I’ve taken a few pictures of small wind funnels in the past. But this was something else. It looked as though there was a huge hand piercing through the clouds – it was phenomenal. It really did seem like the hand of God. My wife and I are both photographers and we’ve never seen anything like this. This was a very surreal experience.  I’m so glad I decided to capture it on video”, he said.

Wow,it’s so surreal…If truly that is the Hand of God,then we just got a glimspe of our maker and creator’s fist,how awesome is that?

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