Photo of Rihanna as a teenager.

Humble beginnings: Rihanna recently put this childhood photo on Instagram with her friend Ella when they were younger
Rihanna posted her cute and innocent childhood photo with friend Ella on her instagram as she wishes her happy birthday;
‘Top bunz and tattoos!!! I wanna big up a girl like OG Ella from de Guyanese Sweet Nucci Crew!!! Happy birthday gal!’ Rihanna wrote in the caption.

Rihanna also faced backlash last month after her fans branded her last music video ‘obscene’, ‘vile’ and ‘pornographic’.
Hundreds took to social networking sites to tell the singer that she should be ashamed of herself over the X-rated images in Pour It Up.
They questioned whether she was fit to be a role model to her millions of young and campaigners also called for YouTube to ban the video.
The Ultimate story of a good girl gone bad. #badgalriri


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