People are referring to Kendall Jenner as candle Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner cannot catch a break with this folks like every time; either it’s about her modelling career and how its due to her family influence or how she walks on the runway…its always something with these guys. Anyways now they are calling her candle Jenner check out the tweet below;


Candle Jenner

This happened after Kendall shared photos from her photo shoot with Vogue Japan. She captioned the shoot: “New @voguejapan cover story by @giampaolosgura!”

“LMAFOOOOO YES CANDLE JENNER GIVE US NOTHING,” one Twitter user commented on Jenner’s tweet, sharing her most recent photos. “Candle Jenner in that Vogue cover shows the same excitement as I do after 60 days of quarantine,” another person added.

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