My thoughts

Life has a funny way of turning out sometimes.
People never want to have anything to do with you until  you are somebody.
While the people you have always loved and cherish don’t even get it.
It’s every possilble to be with somone for a long time and not knowing who the really are.
Maybe because of their actions or what they say or who they hang out with.
Sometimes you want to play God and just fix things the way you want them to be.
Sometimes you wish you were a mind reader so you can tell what the other person is thinking.
Sometimes you visualize or imagine how you life use to be or how you want it to be.
People go through a lot in relationships, everyone has their story to tell.
Yet we seek advice from one another,hoping that your story is better that the other person.
Trying to know if your situation is normal, whether you are stupid or smart.
Whether you made the right decision or a big mistake.
But the truth is, no one can really understand what the other person is going through.
They might just tell you what they think is right or how they think it should be.
Or how they expect their to be but don’t know how their advice and find some comfort in giving others.
Sometime we wish our relationships were like a movie.
That eventually we would be with our soul mates because that’s how every fairy tale should end.
But the truth is this love stories we watch in movies are 5% real, if not lower.
Therefore we should ourselves in our relationship and not try to stir up what isn’t there.
Because we see other couples doing so.
Every one know what works for them.
I have so much regrets in my past and wish i could change them, i’m not living in fantasy.
I still have hope that I’ll be with my soul mate someday despite what we went through.
And if we are not meant to be afterall, i know someone better will come along.
i have hope,patience and faith.

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