My theory on Tiwa Savage sex tape

Tiwa Savage

Okay so before this tape came out, Tiwa Savage revealed in an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1 that someone was blackmailing her on a sex tape she made with current boyfriend.

I could not bring myself to watch it until yesterday, at the salon. My stylist and her client were talking about it ,i told her i couldn’t bring myself to watch the video because of how i like Tiwa and it would just ruin how i feel about her.

The other customer wanted to see it so i ended up peaking, and my people! I was disgusted. And it led me to a lot of questions and theories.

The thing is,before the tape was released,after i read the interview on, i was like why would she even bring up that kind of scandal to begin with? Who talks about being blackmailed for a sex tape during an interview (Most times the journalist that brings scandals up) about their EP ? And then i thought, well,the video has not come out yet so she is telling us in advance ,so it doesn’t come as surprise.

This discussion would have been great on a podcast cause you won’t be able to hear how disappointed i am about this but i’ll continue…

My theory is ; what if Tiwa Savage is in on the release of the tape? Here is why i think so;

Watching that video made me ask questions like;

Who has sex, broad daylight on a yacht ,butt-naked (even horny teenagers can’t do this)?

Who was taking the video while Tiwa and her supposed boyfriend goofed in the name of having sex?

Tiwa said her “boyfriend” of a month “mistakenly” shared on snapchat *rolling eyes* – so was he holding the camera/phone while he was doing what he was doing to you?  Cause it’s clear someone was taking the video  (an amateur by the way cause it was really shaky) while you guys were f@#King.

You know i feel she is involved in the leak?  I feel Tiwa is becoming addicted to fame that she will do just about anything to remain there. Tiwa has been in the music industry for a really long time;writing songs for artist and eventually becoming a singer.

You say you don’t think is your new man ,then who? Why were you having sex in a public place or with your friends watching?

Are you saying you were not aware of the recordings? cause from the position of the recording the person was pretty close. Someone would not just be filming you,on a yacht ,broad daylight if you didn’t ask for it.

She has been promoting her new album Celia and its probably not doing as great as she hoped on the charts and she resulted to a sex tape. Which brings me to who are your PR team? Cause this is an EPIC fail. You could not find anything else to make noise,its a sex tape? Even Beyonce that you have been trying to be like doesn’t have a sex tape, you even tried to be the Nigerian Rihanna by calling yourself “African bad gal”-Rihanna doesn’t have a sex tape.

So why would you think a sex tape would help you career? Daddy Freeze was saying this won’t affect your career,sister! It will. Maybe not in Nigeria but in the world. Except its not about the music for you,you just want to be famous like Kim Kardashian who with all her billions nobody can ever take her seriously because of that sex tape.

Atleast Kim was really young during her sex tape,what is your excuse?

In the world and possibly your Wikipedia page would say that –“failed Nigerian artist” . Why did you do this to yourself?

Tems is getting all the buzz 

Look at Tems,i knew her song before i even knew what she looked like- it has been all about the music. Who knew she had that body or sexy face? She did but she wanted to focus on the music and its showing in the world music chart.

Even Rihanna was excited to meet Tems,meanwhile i doubt she knows who you are even though you have been singing since God knows when. That must have made you wonder right?

You said you won’t give the blackmailer a dime and you didn’t think about how that would affect your son in the future??? That says a lot about your character. It just makes me question who your friends are.

I used to like you a lot,right from when you released “Kele Kele” to without my heart,Eminado,Koroba, then my favorite from Celia album -Attention and somebody’s Son.

You always came off as a sweet and reserved lady,now you do this? I am really disappointed. And i hate to break it to you but your career is over ,internationally anyways.

So yes,my theory is Tiwa Savage is in on the leaked tape and she is probably regretting it now.  She did it to get attention and she has gotten it but is not the right amount of attention. The way she was calm in the video with Angie Martinez ,arrgghh i can’t.

Anyways,It’s just my thought,i could be wrong but now that is out Tiwa, use your resources to take it down immediately! Prove me wrong. But if i’m right about this ,then it calls for attention; you would need therapy cause you are obviously going through something. Ah gosh! God speed Tiwa.

That video really scarred me and i can’t imagine how your son will feel,after seeing that. Ugh, my head is still messed up from yesterday. I cannot unsee that,you really messed up Tiwa.

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