Miss Sahara Wins World Trangender Competition

Miss Sahara Wins World Trangender CompetitionMiss Sahara Wins World Trangender Competition
Nigerian transgender, Ms Iris Sahhara Henson won the World Transgender pageant, Eat Bulaga, which held in the Philippines last night. She wrote this on her facebook page;

OMG! I won. I am still not sure it is a reality! Maybe I’ll wake-up from this amazing dream in a minute! My arm is turning red from me constantly pinching myself to wakeup from this beautiful dream! I am overwhelmed with love! Philippines is truly my home away from home. Thank you to the Eat Bulaga show and production team for giving us the platform to exhibit our intelligence and creativity in positive ways on the longest daytime national television show in the world! Shock is an understatement to how I feel right now!”

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