Men, you should read this – Alibaba.

Men, you should read this - Alibaba.
Thank you Alibaba!

It’s important you have something doing. You CAN NOT be waiting for something to do. DO ANYTHING. DONT WAIT FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

It has been proven time without number, that a woman respects a man who provides… more than she respects a man that CAN NOT PROVIDE.

There are huge differences between a man that CAN NOT PROVIDE/ A MAN THAT CAN PROVIDE/ and A MAN CAN PROVIDE BUT DOES NOT WANT TO PROVIDE. You may fall into any of these categories. But if it’s the right one well done. If it’s not, hey!!!! Brotherly, there is work to be done.

Forget anything anybody tells you, 50% of why many marriages survive, besides the core ingredients of love, respect, understanding and sex… Is PROVISION.

The struggle we get involved in everyday, is just so we can provide. Like my friend, Zakiloooo always says, NA OUR WIVESAND CHILDREN ALL THESE STRUGGLE DEY FOR. Because, he would explain further… We for just begin grooooove enter Ghana, Kenya, Jo’Burg, Uk, Dubai…

BOTTOMLINE, we must know that, if we make 25K, family must get 10K, 5K goes back into the business, savings go hold 5K and we will use the last 5k to hold our side for in case of incasity and other cases of should in case! Zakilo!!!!! God no dey sleep

So, my guys, no just SIDDON. Get up. Find something to do. At all at all NA him bad pass. One of my guys in Warri, was dropped by GTB in the last retrenchment when the new management took over, he said he waited for a bit (5months) when it looked like all those job offers were not coming like when he was employed, he had to do something… He started diesel supply.

Now, he says, the respect as the head of the house is beginning to come back. He also says, men who say, it does not matter if your wife is earning more than you do are being economical with the truth. Your ability to provide MATTERS A GREAT DEAL. DONT LISTEN TO SOME LAZY BUMCUM WHO SAY ITS NOTHING.

I agree totally.

So guys, lets get cracking. Even if it’s a stop gap job.Just do it. Not for you. But for the family. I know some will say, it’s easy for you to say. Dupe ti re!! No it’s not. I started working in 1984 in SuperBru, loading Skol lager beer in trailers and lorries for N5 a day. I have worked in bakeries, taxi driver between Ring Road and Ogba Zoo in my dad’s yellow Toyota Crown… I have been, there done that…

We need to groom the next generation of men who believe in dignity of labour, recognize that we are providers, head of the home, protector of the HONOUR of the family and THE MAN. So get to work.

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