Kourtney Kardashian says Khloe Kardashian gives the best Relationship advice

Kourtney Kardashian

During an interview with actress,Kate Hudson on her podcast,Sibling Revelry,Kourtney revealed that her sister Khloe Kardashian gives the best advice. She said;’Khloé’s is harsh, harsh advice,’

Kendall was also part of the show as she agreed,saying ,’super harsh,”no tolerance.’

The show also had co-host,Olivier Hudson where Kourtney also said she won’t take relationship advice from Kim Kardashian.
She said;’wouldn’t go to Kim [Kardashian-West] for relationship advice.’

Kendall Jenner

‘[Kim is] like the investigator, though. I call Kim if there’s tea. I’m like, ‘I need to call Kim because she’ll just vibe with me on the drama because she just loves the tea.’ -Kendall said.

Kourtney continued;’I mean, [Kim’s] the only one who’s married. So we probably should [go to her].’

It’s surprising that Khloe gives the best relationship advice ,given that she has the worst relationship history. Well,i guess people that give the best advice really can’t do.

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