‘Khloe wasn’t trying to get pregnant because she knew [the marriage] wasn’t working.’ – Kim Kardashian

 Knew you were trouble: Khloe Kardashian not only avoided getting pregnant because she knew her marriage to Lamar Odom had problems but even skipped appointments with fertility doctors behind her family's back'Khloe wasn't trying to get pregnant because she knew [the marriage] wasn't working.' - Kim Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s efforts to have a child together were well documented with reports of IVF and visits to fertility specialists before their relationship fell apart in spectacular fashion last year amidst allegations he was taking drugs and cheating on her.
Despite the showcased efforts to have a baby on KUWTK,Kim reveals on Jimmy Kimmel live on thursday that Khloe wasn’t trying to have a baby and cancelled appointments because she knew their marriage wouldn’t work out. Read her words below;

‘Khloe wasn’t trying to get pregnant. ‘She wasn’t showing up to these doctor appointments on purpose and behind our backs because she knew [the marriage] wasn’t working.’ ‘I always thought Khloe and Lamar would work out.’

Yea i was rooting for them but i guess shit happens. I used to watch the show a lot and from what i saw between Khloe & Lamar,She always tried too hard to make it{relationship} work. In relationships,it has to be mutual. You should need and support as much as much the other. I’m sure she has learnt a thing or two from this and will be more careful next time.

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